Fundamentals and Foundation

The most important things to establish on your fitness journey are the fundamentals of weight training. If you can properly nail these down building your foundation is going to be much easier and the process will be more efficient. And we all want efficiency in the gym. Not many of us have a lot of time to burn so wasting time by doing exercises incorrectly is no good. Learn it right from the get go and your fitness experience will be just lovely.
There are many examples of doing things incorrectly that I have experienced over the years are our goal here is for you all to not make those same mistakes. Incorrect form can defeat the purpose of an exercise plain and simple, not to mention can lead to injury. For example, I was squatting incorrectly for 2 years before I learned the concept of driving up through your heals vs. leaning forward on the balls of your feet (bad!). 2 years of squatting wrong! In my prime 20’s too, I’ll never get those years back. L
I also injured my back by not quite understanding how to properly deadlift some years back. Another simple concept I didn’t learn until I was 5 years into lifting weights; squeeze your shoulder blades when you press, this not only engages the back to help with the press but it also saves your shoulders from being overstressed which can lead to injury.
Nailing down your fundamentals goes hand in hand with building the proper balanced foundation. If you are following our program correctly and exercising correctly you will build your foundation correctly. Many beginners tend to overwork certain muscle groups and underwork others. Young dudes are the perfect example of this; they will work their chest and arms for days but pay little to no attention to their tiny weak legs or their non-existent back. This causes great imbalances in posture and muscle development. Ladies can tend to do this as well but not to the same extreme and in a different way. Girls will focus on their legs and abs all day but many don’t know how to properly engage their glutes and they focus little on nutrition which is the key to getting that flat toned tummy.
So, within our eBook we cover in depth how to properly lift and nail down all of the important exercises (squats, deadlifts, presses, pull-ups) as well as many less important exercises. Lifting correctly will lead to a balanced foundation you can really start building from. When I say “foundation” I am talking about building full body strength and stability. Strong legs to support a strong core and upper body.

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