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Free Consultation:

In your consultation we will go over your goals and what you are trying to accomplish.  Included in your free consultation is a nutritional analysis and a body fat assessment if you opt.  Based on this information we will be able to put together a fitness and nutrition program and get you started!

Body Fat Assessment


Knowing your body fat percentage is an important measurement to track muscle gain and fat loss.  It is also a good measure to know if you are at risk because of high body fat.

Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition is key to body composition change and weight loss. It is important to be aware of eating habits and to understand how simple shifts in nutrition can immediately lead to fat loss and muscle gain.  I will break down what you should and shouldn’t eat based on your goals and the best ways to go about changing deeply engrained nutrition habits.

Fitness Blueprint

Together we will lay out a clearly defined path to achieving your fitness goals.  You will know exactly the kind of work it will take to reach your goals.  Balancing strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and nutrition.