6 pack coupleWe all want to get that toned tummy, tight mid section, maybe even the elusive six pack.  So how do we get it?  Blast out thousands of crunches?  Starve ourselves?  Maybe take up bulimia?

The truth is the secret to that carved up mid section is a pretty low body fat percentage.  I’m talking less than 8% for men and less than 17% or so for women.

Abs are smaller muscles and don’t require an excessive amount of work to get built up.  Sure it’s important to work them a couple times a week but what’s truly important is having that low body fat so that they will show through.  You can have the strongest, meanest abs on the planet but if there is a layer of fat covering them they will never be seen.

So how do you lower your body fat to those lean levels?

  • Number 1 is NUTRITION.  Eating lean and healthy is the most effective way to melt fat off.  Tightening up your diet could be the difference between the 2 or 3% body fat you need to drop.
  • Number 2 is BUILDING MUSCLE.  Adding muscle to your body boosts your metabolism, turning your body into something of a furnace.  Your body will operate more efficiently and burn more fat.
  • Number 3 is adding CARDIO EXERCISE into the mix.  Preferably interval style cardio which engages the bigger muscles in your body, this gives you an instant metabolism boost.  Static cardio will burn fat as well but not as efficiently and effectively as interval cardio.

So there you have it, the 3 components to getting the coveted six pack (Less than 1% of the population can claim a six pack).

My personal training covers all 3 of these components in depth and much more.